Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute

Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute

Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute is a cutting-edge healthcare facility situated within Kolkata, West Bengal. The hospital is part of Fortis Healthcare Limited, a top medical provider across India. Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute is renowned for its top-of-the-line infrastructure, the latest technology, and a team of highly trained healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment for their patients.

The hospital is home to more than 200 beds and provides many medical specialties like nephrology, neurology, cardiology, urology gastroenterology, oncology orthopedics, and a host of others. The hospital is home to a group of highly experienced and skilled doctors, who are renowned nationally as well as internationally for their expertise. The doctors are assisted by a group of committed health professionals and nurses who strive to ensure the health and health of patients.

Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and technology which allows it to offer accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. The hospital features the most modern ICU and advanced operating theaters and a state-of-the art diagnosis and imaging center.

The hospital is dedicated to delivering individualized treatment to every patient. The hospital is patient-centered approach to ensure that patients are treated with respect and respect. The hospital is equipped with a variety of amenities, including the cafeteria, pharmacy, and a spacious waiting area to ensure that the patient’s stay is pleasant.

In the end, Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute is among the most renowned health care providers in the United States. Fortis Hospital’s dedication to providing top-quality healthcare and individualized care for its clients has helped earn it a name for its excellence. The hospital’s modern technology, highly skilled medical professionals and a focus on the patient makes it a perfect choice for anyone seeking the highest quality medical care in the area of urology and nephrology in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Additionally, there are Fortis Healthcare facilities in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Mumbai, West Bengal, Gurgaon, Haryana, New Delhi, and Jaipur Maharashtra, the Punjab province, and Tamil Nadu’s Chennai.

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Fortis Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare providers in India and has multiple branches across the country. The diagnostic facilities available at each branch may vary, but generally, the following services are offered:

It provides other services like Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Pediatric Cardiology, Transplant Surgeries, Urology Treatments etc.

Cardiology services: This includes X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound, mammography, and other imaging tests.

Pathology services: This includes blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, and other lab tests.

Cardiology services: This includes electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiogram, stress tests, and other heart-related tests.

Gastroenterology services: This includes endoscopy, colonoscopy, and other tests related to the digestive system.

Neurology services: This includes EEG, EMG, and other tests related to the nervous system.

Pulmonology services: This includes pulmonary function tests and other tests related to the lungs.

Ophthalmology services: This includes eye exams, vision tests, and other tests related to eye health.

Oncology services: This includes cancer screening, biopsy, and other tests related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Transplant Services: This includes Liver, Kidney, Heart transplant etc.

It’s important to note that the availability of these services may vary depending on the specific branch of Fortis Healthcare you visit. We will be more than happy to let you connect with the best doctors of Fortis Healthcare as per your requirement.