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Best Hospitals for Liver Transplants and Surgery in India

Easy Medical Treatment helps you pick Liver Transplants from the top surgeons and hospitals in India. We analyze the characteristics of the hospitals, i.e. ( NABH or JCI accredited, the doctor’s experience, and the surgery’s success rate. We partner with one of India’s leading, most comprehensive liver transplantation centers with modern operating theatres for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and state-of-the-art liver-intensive treatment facilities for liver Transplants.

Hospitals are designed to offer the highest quality expert expertise and care for patients to promote prompt mobilization and treatment treatments for biliary and liver disorders such as cancer, both for children and adults.

We have the best liver transplant surgeon. He has successfully performed over 1000 transplant surgeries, with 95 percent of success rates for the patient and 100 percent in the donation case. The transplant costs 32,000–40,000 USD depending on the hospital procedures, the surgeon’s skills, and the patient’s health.

Easy Medical Treatment provides you best and most affordable treatments related to the Liver in India.

This transplant group has a primary objective of post-care transplants:

The doctor will provide all the details regarding the post-care of your procedure, including treatment of your incisions and managing medication.

Patients may walk again after 3–5 weeks of the transplant.

Drainpipes will be removed 10–15 days after transplant.

Our team monitors you frequently by conducting blood tests and helps to keep the immune system in check and prevent it from destroying the new liver. Our liver transplant surgeon will help you understand the process of healing and post-operative care for the transplant. We provide assistance at home or in a hotel following a liver transplant.

Top 5 Liver Transplant Hospitals in India.

Fortis Hospital Noida
Max Hospital
BLK Hospital
Apollo Hospital
Artemis Hospital

Top 5 Liver Transplant Surgeon in India
Dr. Vivek Vij
Dr. Subash Gupta
Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary
Dr. Neerav Goyal
Dr. Shyam Sunder Mahansaria

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